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Cigdem Aslan

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31.07.2015 Nürnberg (D)

01.08.2015 Wuppertal (D)

Fanfare Ciocarlia

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30.07.2015 Sibiu (RO)

31.07.2015 Nürnberg (D)

01.08.2015 Naumburg (D)

04.08.2015 Jurmala (LV)

Mahala Rai Banda

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31.07.2015 Bodo (N)

08.08.2015 Bucharest (RO)

29.08.2015 Bucharest (RO)

26.09.2015 Paris (F)


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01.08.2015 Berlin (D)

05.08.2015 La Motte Chalancon (F)

06.08.2015 Nimes (F)

08.08.2015 Hamburg (D)

11.08.2015 Berlin (D)

12.08.2015 Weimar (D)

13.08.2015 Zürich (CH)


LP-ATR 4914

23rd Jan. 2015

"Heads Up"


Annique’s voice is for the inner ear and open heart, a soul singer’s instrument carrying the freight of past greats while trailing its own strong colours. Growing up in Rainham, Essex, Annique travelled out on the strength of her voice, studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music before working with the likes of The Streets and Gorillaz, drum’n’bass outfit Step 13 and then teaming up with Koby Israelite at his south London studio for a series of informal writing sessions that have become Heads Up.

LP-ATR 5014

26th Sept. 2014

Soundwalk Collective
"Sons Of The Wind"


Recordings from Gypsy villages in Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria.
The Soundwalk Collective followed the course of the Danube and of the music of the Roma. From ghettos to mahale, recording heart- rending songs, mournful violins, tinkling cimbaloms, the gutsy tones of brass bands. Sounds accompanied by the words of the Elders, the rustling of long skirts, the wind in the delta plain, and, always in the background, the rumbling of the river. This is the origin of the sound poem Sons of the Wind.

CD-ATR 4814

16th May 2014
"Kumushki Pjut"


Volga is an unparalleled project rooted in the Moscow music scene. It successfully combines experimental electronics, contemporary dance rhythms and Russian folklore. Pagan psychedelia, shamanism, melodies and lyrics from ancient times mixed with urban aesthetics are the essential components of Kumushki Pjut. Some might say Volga is the sound of the Middle Ages erupting in our times. Others might object by saying that this is the third millennium speaking to us in the language of the Russian Middle Ages.




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06/2015 - Bulgaria's Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs

to record another psychedelic voodoo album! The new album is expected to be released on Asphalt Tango Records early 2016.



03/2015 - Next musical trip through Romania in August 2015

The dates for the next musical trip hosted by Transilvania, Asphalt Tango and Songlines are set! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience the real sounds of Romania in their natural environment! The trip includes visits to two legendary villages - Clejani, the home of Taraf de Haidouks, and Zece Prajini, the home of Fanfare Ciocarlia. It also gives a taste of the urban lautari music of Bucharest and the gorgeous string band music of Transylvania.



02/2015 - Fanfare Ciocarlia join forces with Adrian Raso

We proudly announce the very first tour of “Devil’s Tale” with Fanfare Ciocarlia & Adrian Raso and his Canadian brotherhood in May 2015! This musical collaboration is reaching down to New Orleans, across the Atlantic to Paris, deep into the Balkans and back through decaying Detroit to Toronto’s grandeur. Stay tuned for updates!




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