Motion Trio

Krakow's acclaimed contemporary classical accordion trio deliver vanguard music

Motion Trio, the formidable Polish accordion trio, create a striking music that blends the fire of Eastern European roots music with the icy precision of the great classical composers. Called the 'Trio Infernal' by fans of their intense, impassioned sound, Motion Trio have been praised by such modern masters as Michael Nyman and Joe Zawinul.
Lead by Janusz Wojtarowicz, Motion Trio are a unique outfit playing Janusz's original compositions that draw on both his classical training in Krakow's celebrated observatories and the traditional music of Central and Eastern Europe. Formed in 1996, Motion Trio have developed from buskers on the streets of Poland into a world renowned outfit. The Trio have toured widely and, while doing so, brought in dynamic shades from rock and techno so to make their sound even more fierce. To hear Motion Trio in concert is akin to experiencing a Paganini recital or Metallica concert, so powerful and exciting is their sound. Yet they achieve such intense performances without employing anything but their accordions: no guitars, no drums, no samplers, no loops or tricks. Motion Trio are musicians who have honed their skills to the very highest degree and rely only on talent and imagination to ensure they are one of the most exciting live bands working anywhere today.


throughout the year 2017

Motion Trio




All About Jazz
“This is accordion playing like you’ve never heard: bring your thinking caps and dancing shoes.

"...If, however, the delicious, graceful and breathtaking manipulation of fingers over buttons and keys is to your fancy then you should become acquainted with the Motion Trio from Kraków...”

Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung
"...Nicht von ungefähr sammelt das Trio internationale Auszeichnungen, obwohl seine Präsenz kaum dem Stereotyp studierter Musiker entspricht..."



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