Kek Lang Romany Songs (CD)
The gypsy families whose members make up the group "Kek Lang" (blue flame) were discovered when Tony Gatlif was making his film "Latcho Drom". They all come from a little village near Nyabator in the eastern part of Hungary, where the songs still reek of mud, woodsmoke, bad vodka and loud swearwords! In typically Romany style this mixed group sings responsorio-type anthems, a music that lies somewhere between heterephony and ancient polyphony; percussion accompaniment is supplied on the jug or spoons, with an accordion or folk guitars as well.
It is essential to free oneself of all musical logic to enjoy these gypsy songs (the album was recorded at the Cité de la Musique in Paris). The reward is there if one lets oneself go and be drawn into the music, with all its emotional turmoil, its chaotic undertones, both festive and naive, without any trace of bitterness. The music is a sort of challenge thrown out against the cold-heartedness of modern industrialized society and its technology.
Released by Long Distance, 2003, Format: CD
17,00 EUR

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