Film / Movie Schwarze Katze, Wei?er Kater (DVD (PAL))
Chaos visits a wedding in a small Balkan village full of gangsters, cheats and liars. Emir Kusturica directs this carnivalesque romantic comedy
"Weddings and funerals don`t mix", declares the incompetent blackmarketeer Matko (Severdzan) in Black Cat, White Cat. Yet, during the extended wedding party sequence that makes up most of the film`s second hour, death is (literally) never far away, as the bodies of two old men are kept on ice in the attic upstairs. Even the junk-addled official who presides over the final vows has mistakenly brought along "the register of deaths, not marriages". In Emir Kusturica`s farcical fairy tale of family, fraud, fate and friendship, it turns out that marriage and death are just one of a number of unlikely pairings that make up the film`s carnivalesque absurdity
Released by ARTHAUS, 2002, Format: DVD - German language only!
17,00 EUR
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