The Roma Journeys illustrated book (Buch/english/book)
A great photography book is more than just a collection of photographs, regardless of how compelling those might be. It might ask questions, or it might present insight into a world unknown, or it might show the presence of a passionate vision - and it makes you want to come back to the images, so that you can re-immerse yourself. There is no doubt that Joakim Eskildesen and Cia Rinne`s "The Roma Journeys" easily satisfies all of these criteria. The book provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Roma and about the conditions they live in. It does this through Cia Rinne`s text, which for each country, provides historical background, while also describing the lives of the people the authors stayed with, perfect accompaniment for Joakim Eskildsen`s photography. Because of its sheer size, "The Roma Journeys" requires patience, and one will have to come back to it. But as is the case with all great photography books, that`s not a burden, it`s something you want to do anyway.
Published by Steidl - Germany, 2007, Format: Book / 416 pages, 274 colour plates 23.3 cm x 26.6 cm / Hardcover with a CD of field recordings and music recorded on the journeys / Text : English only
60,00 EUR
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