Tchavolo Schmitt Alors?...Voila! (CD)
Since a certain time already, it is not overstated to say that the gipsy swing, born with the prestigious works of the guitarist Django Reinhardt, is part of the tzigane culture, but also of our own acoustic world, for us the "gadje" people. There is probably no microphone able to catch the whole burst of this guitar, full of emotions .In order to grasp the intensity of this music, one must attend a concert or even better share the inexpressible moments encountered in gipsy meetings. Peaceful and burning at once, Tchavolo has already touched Tony Gatlif by becoming one of the characters of his movie "Latcho Drom". He is now the pretext for the producer`s new film "Swing" (coming out on March 20th). "Tchavolo Schmitt is for gipsy people what Tomatito (Cameron de la Isla`s guitarist) is for Andalusian tzigans" - Tony Gatlif
Released by Iris Music - France, 2000, Format: CD only
17,00 EUR

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