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The Romanian speed brass legends sum up thirteen years and five albums of musical history.

Since being discovered on Womex 1997 in Marseilles the winner of the BBC World Music Award from Zece Prajini realeased five highly acclaimed CDs - "Radio Pascani" (1998), "Baro Biao" (1999) and "Iag Bari" (2001) were released on much respected Piranha Records, "Gili Garabdi" (2005) as well as "Queens & Kings" (2007) are two Asphalt Tango Records. As soon as the 11 Allstars of Gypsy Brass enter a stage - be it in Tokyo, Moscow, Melbourne, Helsinki, London or Berlin - and set off their dazzling musical fireworks one can notice the audience going through astounding changes: entire rows of seats are spontaneously shifted aside, hats and skirts whirl through the air and even the stiffest guy finds himself dancing away to the most tricky Balkan rhythms so easily. With their 6th CD-release the Gypsy brass band Fanfare Ciocarlia gives an exquisite taste of the incomparable experience of seeing Romania's musical export hit live on stage. The one-hour-long live recording of a concert in the "Kesselhaus der Kulturbrauerei" in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg will not only delight devoted fans.

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