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Adrian Raso and Fanfare Ciocărlia

devil’s tale

USA      21.02.14
'...  you're going to have more fun with Devil's Tale than a gaggle of Arkies on a swozzled snipe hunt, hootin' 'n hollerin' like there ain't no tomorrow   ...'
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USA    emusic        08.01.14
'...Exhilarating, fun and breathless...'
USA    World Music Central        06.01.14
'... clever quirkiness that’s impossible to resist. .. .'
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USA    Shepherd Express        05.01.14
'... colorful melodic accompaniment .'
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USA    Global A Go-Go        01.01.14
'... A fun project, different for Fanfare Ciocarlia and a fortuitous introduction to Adrian Raso.'
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USA    Midwest Record        28.12.13
'... a grand world beat outing from top to bottom. .'
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USA    New York Music Daily        26.12.13
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Australia    The Sydney Morning Herald      31.05.14
' that plays to the strengths of both parties...'
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United Kingdom    Satellite State Disko      01.01.15
'Albums We Have Loved: 2014'
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United Kingdom    Inside World Music      10.01.14
'...The Devil's Tale will grab you and never let you go. It's totally addictive.'
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United Kingdom    Financial Times      10.01.14
'...a globe-trotting dialogue...'
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United Kingdom    The Guardian      05.01.14
'... All instrumental and all delightful. '
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United Kingdom    The Times      04.01.14
'... it’s a happy fit... '
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Canada    The      02/2014
'...the town will never be the same...'
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Canada    World Beat Canada      02/2014
'...the result is quite divine...'
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Canada    Something else      23.01.14
'...dozen chunks of hot fire...'
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France   Micro Fleches Ultra Faciles        09/2014
'Tout le monde a envie de dancer et de s'amuser: une disque qui mel de bonne humeur...'
France    Afrique Asie        04/2014
'... Comme s’il s’était agi de retrouvailles entre des amants fusionnels, un feeling spontané et immédiat a officié au mariage du son exacerbé de la Fabfare Ciocarlia et des accors févrieux de l’homme de l’Ontario ...'
France    Liberation        03/2014
'...Une complicité amusée lie la guitare surf jazzy et les instruments à vent entre clin d’œil à Tarantino (Django) et hommage à Bireli Lagrène.....'
Spain    Tiempo        01.04.14
'...La combinación es abracadabrante pero funciona a las mil maravillas....'
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Spain    Rolling Stone        03/2014
'...una deliciosa fiesta de sonidos ... el banjo y las guitarras empastan a la perfeccion con los metales!'
Netherlands    Mixed       01/2014
'...Fijne verrassing...'
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Belgum    tropicalidad       08.01.14
'...Geen evidente combinatie, maar het werkt....'
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Denmark    Off-Centre Views       07.02.14
'...Throw what you know about time signatures out the window and move the furniture from the room, you’re going to need room to flop, flail, and dance ...''
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Germany    Dresdner Neuste Nachrichten       09.05.2014
'...Album kaufen, Freunde einladen, gemeinsam kochen und dann tanzen, tanzen, tanzen!'
Germany    Kultkomplott       28.01.2014
'...Ebenso roh vertrackt, wie lyrisch faszinierend...'
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Germany    Fuldaer Zeitung       26.01.2014
'...Auch tief im Westen ist diese Fanfare genau richtig.'
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Germany    Bayern 2        23.01.2014
'... ein wilder Balkan-Trip!'
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Germany    sound & image       01/2014
'...Neuester Geniestreich...'
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Germany    VER.DI Publik       12/2013
'...Eine teuflisch gut gelungene Überraschung!'
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